The storm is growing on the drone market

We are now at a the critical point in the development of the drone market. EU drone legislation is coming into full effect. How it will influence the drone industry? Can we anticipate market reaction?

Some companies may find themselves in a dilemma whether they will be able to provide services in accordance with the regulations, without certified equipment or safety factors that preclude the possibility of carrying out special category missions. The storm is growing.

And not so long ago it seemed that macro factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic or Russia’s aggression against Ukraine would have a far greater impact on the drone market. Turned out, that the biggest threat to the development of innovative market could be EU legislation.

EU drone policy is full of contradictions

The European Commissions, EASA and all relevant EU institutions unanimously declare drones as an excellent tool for the EU’s innovation and competitiveness based on disruptive digital technologies (e.g. AI, BDA, IoT). At the same time they create and support legislations which does not sufficiently support dynamic and innovative SMEs and leads to restriction less expansion and growing domination of rapidly developing technologies from outside the EU. In result, the market branch commonly considered as most disruptive today cannot develop serving the global economic position of EU.

The data collected by the drones is crucial, and the level of autonomy in providing the service confirms their sophistication.

This is determined by AI technologies such as machine learning and digital twins, as well as low-pass photogrammetry.

Over the next few years, the differences between aerial robotics (drones) and manned aviation will become more pronounced. However, the laws of physics will remain the same for both robots and manned aircraft. Therefore, it is necessary to certify the flying equipment and conduct mission risk analysis, with increasing emphasis on the IT systems that operate them.

It appears that we will not be able to avoid approaching the moment when AI-driven vehicles will take over our cities. It is time to think about the organisation of life in urban spaces where robots could. How to organize air traffic along with others autonomous vehicles. How to organize the movement of autonomous vehicles? New mobility will base on autonomous robots as a means of transport. Should their movement be managed by the same officials who are now starting to learn about the third dimension of cities – airspace for drones?

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We talk about all this in our report in the Market – Customers – Technologies layout. We also present the most interesting companies on the Polish and global drone market (trade, services, production, R&D, autonomy/service ratio). We also provide estimates of the value of the drone market and its development prospects. Will the sun come out after the storm? 

Bibliographical note: The Storm. A drone market in Poland. Report of the Mikromakro Institute Foundation and Research Network Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation, ed. by Sławomir Kosieliński, 2nd edition, Warsaw, 2024, ISBN 978-83-62824-13-7

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